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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me More About Your Fairings!

Our fairings are simply the best aftermarket fairings available - anywhere! They are made of OEM High Grade ABS plastic that is injection molded. All of our fairings are pre-drilled and ready to install, making installation easier.  

Purchasing from FairingKits.Org you can be sure that you're doing business with a company that is professional, respectful and proud of their work. You're going to love your new fairings. Don't delay it any longer, shop with confidence and place your order now!

Why don't the fairings need to be professionally installed?

A lot of people believe that installing fairings is a complex job. Fortunately, it isnt. It is just a simple bolt-on job. Our fairings are injection mold (or in some cases compression) and laser cut, but that doesn't always mean they line up 100% perfectly. Not even OEM fairings are guaranteed to line up perfectly. Fairings can always be slightly off and need someone who can make the necessary adjustments. DON'T LET THIS SCARE YOU. Your fairings will still look GREAT and perfect.

Why is OEM Grade ABS Plastic the Best Choice?

High Grade ABS plastic is super light weight, making it a better option than fiberglass or other heavier materials. The only thing is you need to differentiate between run of the mill ABS plastic that you see on eBay other websites and high grade ABS plastic which is imported from Japan. High Grade ABS plastic is the best option for after-market fairings, but if you get the low grade PVC plastic you'll know the difference immediately!

Why are your fairings made in China?

The truth is a lot of stuff is made in China. China does NOT mean cheap or poor craftsmanship any more. In today's world China is a powerhouse in the manufacturing sector for the simple reason that they make good stuff! We originally looked into having our factory in China in effort to offer our customers better savings, but when we did a comparison with other options (including in the USA) it turned out that the fairings made in China were actually BETTER than any other option. They were more accurate, better quality and more attention was paid to detail. With injection molding and laser cutting technology, the highly skilled technicians in our factory are exactly who you want making your fairing. We guarantee it.

The plastic itself is imported from Japan - where the highest grade of ABS plastic in the world is produced - so you know you're getting quality product. The fairings are also painted by some of the best air brushers in all of China. Unlike other retailers, we NEVER outsource the painting of our fairings. We paint each fairing with meticulous attention to detail. We also only use the highest quality paint to make sure your artwork is second to none.

A lot of people have heard horror stories about fairing kits being bought on eBay that were shipped from Hong Kong made from cheap PVC plastic, and then they hear our fairings are made in Hong Kong and thing they're going to get the same thing. This isn't true! Hong Kong is a huge city, and the same way there could be two factories in New York City, one shipping out top notch stuff while the other is shipping out garbage, that's the case here. We are the only site on the internet where you can buy our fairings that are made in our American managed factory in Hong Kong.

Why buy fairings from you, instead of OEM fairings?

A lot of our customers ask this, and the answer is that they're the same quality (and often times BETTER) than OEM fairings and they're a fraction of the price! OEM fairings cost about 30% of the MSRP of most bikes. If you've browsed our online catalog, then you know our prices are much lower. Why pay those bloated prices?  The old myth is that OEM fairings are a better fit, but this simply isn't the case. The older a bike is, the higher the chances of misalignment and this can happen with OEM or after-market fairings. When professionally installed, our fairings are often better quality, lighter weight and SEXIER than OEM fairings.

Did we mention SEXIER? We specialize in CUSTOM paint jobs. Our talented airbrushers are more than capable of doing OEM-matched color schemes, but they love it when you give them something custom. We offer a wide variety of race replica designs from Hannspree, Repsol and Eurobet. We can also do anything from a picture of you to your business logo. If you're interested in a custom paint job, let us know. Remember, if you want to turn heads in the streets - custom paint jobs are for you!

How long will it take to receive my fairings?

Delivery time is usually 21-30 business days. Because we mostly do custom paint jobs, we don't mass stock all of our fairings. They're made to order and so that takes the majority of the time. Shipping generally takes 3-5 business days and you'll receive a tracking number so you can track the progress of your order once it has shipped. The tracking number will automatically be emailed to you.

Will your individual parts or cowls fit with my OEM fairings?

The different parts or cowls in our catalog are made to fit and match FairingKits.Org's fairings and we cannot guarantee that it will fit with OEM or other aftermarket fairings. The paint jobs are 95% color matches, and we cannot guarantee a 100% accurate match to your OEM schemes. The reason for this is we have our own molds which are made by our own engineers and designers.  Because of this we generally advise customers to buy a complete unpainted kit or a complete custom paint job kit so that the fitment and design matches perfectly.

I've seen the same pictures on other sites, are they the same fairings?

NO!!! Just because you see the same pictures on other websites IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY'RE THE SAME FAIRINGS. The reason you might see two sites with the exact same pictures, is because fairings are made to order. So in order to show customers (you) the wide variety of possible paint jobs, pictures are often shared (or in some cases stolen) amongst websites. This doesn't mean that each website is shipping out identical fairings. We ONLY ship out fairings made from OEM High Grade ABS plastic. However other websites or eBay retailers might take our pictures and put them on their website, ship out the exact same paint job but the huge difference is, the fairings are made out of PVC plastic, not ABS plastic!

One piece of advice we offer you, is when looking at other retailers, keep in mind that the pictures you're looking at or ONLY to see the paint schemes. When it comes to quality, ask what kind of plastic, are they pre-drilled? Do they come with mounting brackets? Is there heatshield technology? Do they come with a windscreen? The answer with 99% of eBay sellers and other websites is NO! But at FairingKits.Org, the answer is YES!!!

Can I cancel my order?

You have 24 hours to cancel your order. You may do so by sending our Customer Support group an email on support (@) or by informing our Product Specialists who are online giving you Live Support most of the day.

However, once we have notified the factory and they have started work on your fairings, we can no longer cancel the order. This is because our fairings are made to order. If you decide to cancel a few days after your order was placed, a processing fee of $100 per kit and 15% per part applies.

We want to continue providing the best aftermarket market fairings to our customers all over the world, and in order to do that we have to stay in business.

What's included in a complete fairing kit?

The hardware (bolts and nuts) and seat cowl are not included. Included is the free windscreen and a free tank cap *unless otherwise noted in the product description.

I see a paint scheme I like, but it's not included in the listing for my bike's category. How do I order it?

We are working on an easier way to handle this, but for now the best way is to go to your model/year and add any painted scheme you'd like to your cart. When you go to the checkout page, there's an area to add comments to your order. In this area paste the URL or name/model/make of the kit with the paint scheme you'd like. From there we'll know both which kit you're ordering and which paint job you'd like.

What's the difference between injection mold and compression mold fairings?

Compression mold fairings is when plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold. Injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold, it's then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment.

I see stock colors in your catalog, are they the same as OEM schemes?

No we just color match stock or OEM colors because we do not have manufacturer color codes. Nor are we able to use your color codes, all paint jobs are done as matches. However the vast majority of the time you will be unable to notice a difference between the colors.

Why does it say 19 pieces when I can only see 14 pieces in the picture?

Sometimes when the pictures were taken the smaller pieces were not included. Rest assured, if we state 19 pieces your kit will come with 19 pieces.